Tuesday, May 8, 2012

 For our third Fiberaction Challenge we were to use split-complementary colors on the color wheel.  As you can see, I used purple, yellow and greens.  I've titled this piece "Dancing in the Moonlight".
 I quilted the background before I started adding the leaves and critters. This was a good piece to practice different designs, threads, templates, and marking tools. I need a LOT more practice.
 Carl the caterpillar was discovered from a rolled piece of scrap fabric found on the floor. I stiched him up and added a wire to make him more bendable.  I had sewn on two glass seed beads for eyes, but they made him look too evil so I removed them.
 Freddy the tree frog was fun to make. The purple balls are fuzzy beads.
Tina the turtle is doing a little jig.  I've had the green flat beads for a long time and thought they  were perfect for this project.
Three fireflies add to the magic of the moonlit night.  They are made out of 3 beads for the body and clear beads for the wings. Angelina fibers add a bit of glow. This was a fun project to work on.

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