Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elements: Earth, Wood, Water, Fire, Metal

 I made this for the 2nd Art Squared Group Challenge.  The theme was ELEMENTS. When I Googled ELEMENTS I came accross the Chinese world elements of : earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Hmm, now how to put those in a quilt?? The word "earth" reminded me of a river bank, and "wood" could represent trees and a river would represent the "water"....but "metal" and "fire" was a challenge.  As I worked on the riverbank I started to think about a campfire and roasting marshmallows.  
I made the chipmunks out of thread and they are roasting their marshmallows (beads) with metal skewers made out of nails.  I did a little embellishing with yarn, tumbled rocks, and crystals. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art Squared Group-Mystical

 As a child, I was always intrigued by the darker green rings in the grass with mushrooms here and there. They usually appeared after a lightning storm. My Mom said they were fairy rings. The first challenge in my new group called Art Squared is "Mystical". The theme immediately brought back memories of those fairy rings.

This little fairy is early to the meeting. The others are on their way as you can see from the shimmery swirls.

I used batiks as well as thread work and paint to try to make the mushrooms look 3 dimensional.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Striated Muscle Cells

I made this for the Fiberaction 10th and final challenge.  We were to look in our closets and make a quilt using those colors. I  have lots of black plus every color of the rainbow which made this a fun quilt to make...despite the fact the main board on my Pfaff blew up, my feather weight would not quilt to the left, and Maddy broke my camera so I was a little late posting on the blog.  Hmmm...maybe it is time for a new machine?  This quilt represents striated muscle cells. I hope to make a series of microscopic quilts.