Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gina and Adam's Christmas quilt

I made this full size quilt for Adam and Gina for Christmas-2013.  Gina had pinned the quilt on her Pinterest account so I knew she would like it.  It was fun to do something with fabric I have never worked with before and very freeing to make it with no pattern. (Sadie just has to get in the picture)

Shaye and Ben's wedding quilt

Shaye and Ben got married in July 2013.  It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Shaye chose a cheveron pattern in these colors.  It was fun and easy to make.  I started it at a GAW in MA.

The back is flannel. Sadie always tries to get in every quilt picture I take. :)
This is the 3rd challenge for my Art Squared group.  The theme was "Illuminate".  I immediately though of fireflies.  My friendly chipmunks, Chip and Munk ( I know... not very original) are playing a game of poker  under the illumination of the fireflies.  Chip and Munk caught them earlier in the evening to light up their humble abode.

I made the jar out of vinyl and lots of Angelina heat bond fiber illuminates their card game.

This is Chip and he is made out of thread........lots ........and lots of thread.  Looks like he will win the hand with his pair of aces.
My friend, Terri, aka Moonbeam asked me to make her 5 cell phone purses for Christmas gifts.  I made 6 and said she could have one.
My brother in law, Jim (all different fabrics and sizes)  gave me 85 Crown Royal bags and said he wanted a quilt for their camper.  After 1.5 yrs. of thinking, planning, and shopping for fabric this is what I came up with.

Kind of ugly, but he seems to really like it so that is what counts.